Work Health and Safety

The Board and Management of Lawson Grains have responsibility for, and are committed to, a zero-injury workplace. At Lawson Grains, we believe there is no job that is worth doing if it cannot be done safely. Lawson Grains Board and Management want all our people to go home safely to their families at the end of every day. Good safety is also Good business and at Lawson Grains, we are committed to having both.

Lawson Grains strives for a strong safety culture committed to a zero-injury workplace. Aristotle once wrote “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” We must strive for excellence in our safety goals and we will do this by making safety a part of our daily habits not just and action.

Agricultural workplaces have one of the highest safety incident rates and are therefore recognised as being dangerous places to work. Lawson Grains takes safety seriously and is committed to working with Workers to mitigate hazards and their associated risks wherever possible.

Lawson Grains recognise the importance of complying with WHS laws governing health and safety in the workplace and are aware of the obligations under relevant WHS legislation. This policy and associated procedures are continually reviewed and updated considering changes to legislation and meeting Lawson Grains evolving business needs.

Making the workplace a safe and healthy one is a partnership between all Workers of Lawson Grains. Therefore, Lawson Grains actively encourage everyone in the workplace to be involved in the identification, assessment, control, monitoring and continuous improvements of workplace hazards to ensure risks are reduced or eliminated as far as reasonably practicable. Lawson Grains rely on Workers’ input and cooperation to ensure WHS processes are relevant and remain effective.

Lawson Grains Board will be provided with reporting regarding Lawson Grains compliance with the company’s health and safety system. All Workers and other persons (such as visitors to the workplace) are responsible for complying with WHS legislation. Furthermore, all Workers are required to support and adhere to the standards applied and communicated by Lawson Grains.

Reflecting Lawson Grains commitment to health and safety in the workplace, Lawson Grains have developed related policies, procedures and programs to inform, train, involve, protect and support all Workers. These policies, procedures and programs evolve over time and are subject to amendment from time to time to reflect operational and legislative changes. For guidance and detailed information on specific WHS policies and procedures refer to the Lawson Grains WHS Framework or discuss with your Manager.

Workplace Injury Management

Lawson Grains is committed to preventing injury and illness by providing its employees with a safe and healthy workplace, training and WHS process that minimise the risk of injury. However, in the event that an employee does suffer a workplace injury or illness, Lawson Grains will provide assistance to help facilitate a timely and safe return to work.

Lawson Grains is committed to the following:

  • Individual workplace recover-at-work plans are developed when appropriate;
  • Suitable duties are provided whenever possible;