Corporate farming

Over our 10-year history, we have grown to become Australia’s leading corporate grain farmer. We have done this through investments in people, environments and best practice.

We have a team of passionate people and stakeholders who are engaged in the industry for the long run. We have the scale to achieve operational economies, with land holdings across 10 properties around Australia. We also observe world’s best practice, utilising the latest technologies and innovation.

We are proud to be a corporate farmer. For us, corporate farming means we balance our business and societal responsibilities to provide enduring and sustainable benefits to our shareholders, stakeholders, partners and the communities where we operate.

We are corporate farmers.

Our values

We adhere to three core values in maintaining our status as Australia’s leading corporate grain farmer.


We act with professionalism, integrity and respect for our peers, partners and stakeholders.

We are wellbeing first.


We are long-term custodians of the land, ensuring mutual benefit for the environment and our communities.

We are in it for the long haul.

Best Practice

We use all of our resources wisely, so we can invest in the future.

We are focused on performance and results.


A history of growth

We purchased our first property, Kealandi in Moree, in 2012. Over the next five years, we acquired a further nine aggregated properties, resulting in a land holding of over 100,000 hectares making us one of Australia’s largest grain growers.

In 2017, our focus changed from property acquisition to driving performance across the business. The latest technology, practices, processes and expertise are adopted to optimise productivity. These investments provide the foundation for us to continue to evolve and be at the forefront of the cropping industry in Australia.

In 2022, at the conclusion of a 10-year investment mandate, Macquarie Asset Management sold the Lawson Grains business to New Forests and Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). AIMCo is one of Canada’s largest and most diversified institutional investment managers with more than $120 billion of assets under management. AIMCo invests globally on behalf of 32 pension, endowment and government funds in the Province of Alberta.

AIMCo has a long history of partnering with New Forests in making sustainable investments into Australia, on behalf of its clients. The opportunity to acquire Lawson Grains, a fully integrated grains business built on quality assets, people and systems presented an attractive opportunity to add a significant core asset and a platform to continue the growth of the business

We remain grounded. We recognise that our company exists thanks to investments from the pension funds of everyday people.

We continue moving forward to achieve results.