The Wongan aggregation is located adjacent to the township of Wongan Hills in WA’s Northern Wheatbelt region, north of Perth.

Wongan was purchased in 2014 and the scale of the aggregation was increased with the acquisition of the Spring Valley and Wildings properties in 2015, taking the total arable area to 10,770 hectares. Investments in soil health by correcting PH and removing compaction through deep-ripping have been made to deliver improved yields across the aggregation.

On-farm storage has increased to 14,200 tonnes, which accounts for 50% of average annual grain production, providing savings in logistics costs and enabling increased flexibility of marketing and direct sales. Export oaten hay is also grown to diversify production, market and weather risk, and add more diversity to the rotation.

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Wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oaten hay

Total arable area

10,817 Hectares

Total on farm storage

Grain: 14,200 tonnes

Hay: 6,000 tonnes

Average rainfall



March 2014 - Wongan
May 2015 - Spring Valley
September 2015 - Wildings


5 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Manager: Aaron Falconer
Address: PO Box 267, Wongan Hills, WA 6603
Phone: (08) 9671 1134
Mobile: 0427 711 278
Email: wongan@lawsongrains.com

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