St Leonards

The St Leonards aggregation is located north-west of the township of Wongan Hills in the Northern Wheatbelt region of WA. It is located in close proximity to the Wongan aggregation, and the two farm teams work together to share machinery and labour resources.

When purchased in March 2017, the property benefited from being a well-established cropping farm, with good soil health and infrastructure already in place. The focus has been on implementing precision agricultural practices to increase productivity, further improving soil health, and removing compaction to deliver yield growth.

Infrastructure has been built to support the scale of the operation and, more recently, to support export oaten hay production. A significant road network has also been installed to improve farm efficiency.

Property Info


Wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oaten hay

Total arable area

5,796 Hectares

Total on farm storage

Grain: 1,000 tonnes

Hay: 2,100 tonnes

Average rainfall



March 2017


4 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Manager: Jonathan Lampp
Address: P.O Box 248, Wongan Hills WA 6603, Gabalong East Road, Wongan Hills WA 6603
Mobile: 0467 601 767

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