Located near Moree, Kealandi was the first property acquired by Lawson Grains, in 2012. The Livingston Farm was added to the aggregation in 2013 and, in 2018, the Gil Gil property adjacent to Kealandi was leased, bringing the total arable area of the aggregation to 9,390 hectares.

Kealandi was purchased in the same year as Hakea in southern WA, due to the uncorrelated rainfall patterns between the two farms. Kealandi receives summer-dominant rainfall, allowing the option for winter and summer cropping. This is in contrast to the winter- dominant rainfall of southern WA. This was a key weather risk diversification strategy.

Since purchasing the aggregation, significant investment has been made to optimise the paddock configurations for broadacre farming, and developing the farm’s road, drainage and, more recently, storage infrastructure.

The region is well known for its deep black soils, which retain high levels of moisture and are well suited to controlled-traffic farming and full stubble retention, maximising water penetration and retention.

Property Info


Wheat, barley, cotton, sorghum and chickpeas

Total arable area

9,390 Hectares

Total on farm storage

Grain: 21,650 tonnes

Average rainfall



January 2012 - Kealandi
August 2013 - Livingston


6 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Manager: Lindsay George
Address: “Kealandi Aggregation”, 25398 Newell Highway, Moree NSW 2400
Mobile: 0448 814 468

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