Our Purpose

This statement articulates the overall objective of our business. We use this statement as a tool to communicate the direction of the organisation and why we exist.

“We are Australia’s leading corporate grain farmer through investments in people, environments and best practice.”

We are deeply committed to our industry and its future.

Our Values

Our values around people, environments and best practice shape our culture and reflect what we stand for. They are the essence of our identity.

We are wellbeing first.


We act with professionalism, integrity and respect for our peers, partners and stakeholders.

People are the lifeblood of our success, and we have a great team both on our properties and behind the scenes in our Albury office.

We pride ourselves on acting with professionalism, integrity and respect in how we deal with everyone involved in our business—peers, partners, stakeholders and the wider communities in which we operate.

Because we are built on the pension funds of everyday people, we are focused on the needs of our investors, but always balancing commercial performance with the requirements of our local communities and other stakeholders. Not only do we support local businesses, we employ families and young people from regional communities, and we are active in supporting local sports and community groups, charities and environmental initiatives.

We are performance focused but socially conscious.



We are long term custodians ensuring mutual benefit for our environments and communities.

We are in it for the long haul and we take a long-term view of how we operate. We make sure we maintain and enhance the sustainability of our properties as well as the quality of the land and water courses around them.

We believe in mutual benefit. If our relationship with the land is one-sided, it cannot be sustained. We are not just about performance and yield, but also ensuring that we are making positive impacts on the environment and communities where we operate.

We are in it for the long haul.

Best Practice

We use all of our resources wisely, so we can invest in the future.

As a leading corporate farmer, we are always looking for percentage gains across all aspects of our operation. We use the latest technologies, machinery and best practices to optimise performance and returns on investment, and to maximise the amount of grain we can grow for the inputs required.

Our focus is not just on this season’s yield, but on yields for the future. We implement practices that deliver long-term results for our business, our shareholders and stakeholders, our industry and our local communities.

We are focused on doing things the best way possible.