Hakea was the second aggregation purchased in 2012 and the first acquisition in the southern WA region. Situated near Munglinup, west of Esperance, the Hakea aggregation enjoys highly reliable winter-dominant rainfall, providing diversification to the portfolio.

Since acquiring the original properties in 2012, four further farms were added to the aggregation between 2013 and 2015, making this enterprise the largest in the Lawson Grains portfolio at 12,734 hectares of arable land.

As with all Lawson properties, ongoing soil health improvement programs have been implemented to correct PH, remove compaction, and improve drainage. Investment into infrastructure has also been made to support the operations of the aggregation.

Being located in close proximity to the coast means that harvest often involves dealing with high-moisture grain. A 6,000-tonne grain shed and grain dryer have been installed to enable management of grain in all conditions, so that harvesters can continue to harvest even when grain moisture is high.

Property Info


Wheat, barley, and canola

Total arable area

12,734 Hectares

Total on farm storage

Grain: 6,000 tonnes

Average rainfall



March 2012 - Hakea
December 2012 - Deane's
March 2013 - Oldfield's
May 2015 - Aglab
July 2015 - Ashley Downs


6 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Address: RMB 7200, Esperance, WA 6450
Phone: (08) 9075 1002
Email: hakea@lawsongrains.com

Property Overview

Hakea Harvest 2015

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