Borambil was the first property purchased in the Southern NSW region and now forms the centre of the Borambil aggregation. Located near Rand, Borambil was purchased in 2013 along with Mahonga Park. Located near Howlong, the One Tree Hill aggregation and Bandon were added to the Borambil aggregation during 2013. The Billabong property was acquired in 2014, then Green Park and Moolah were purchased in 2023, bringing the total arable area of the Aggregation to 11,219ha.

The Borambil aggregation has the largest geographic footprint of any aggregation in the Lawson Grains portfolio, being spread across nine separate properties. Whilst this provides logistical challenges, it has the benefit of significant rainfall variations across the properties for risk management—ranging from an average annual rainfall of 475 mm on the western boundary to 575 mm on the eastern boundary of the aggregation.

Investment has been made in improving soil health and infrastructure across the aggregation. While the majority of Borambil’s production is stored in private storage with a business partner, 10,000 tonnes of storage has also been constructed to support storage capacity in bumper years.

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Wheat, Barley, Canola and Faba Beans

Total arable area

11,219 Hectares

Total on farm storage

Grain: 10,000 tonnes

Average rainfall



April 2013 - Borambil
May 2013 - Mahonga Park
June 2013 - One Tree Hill
September 2013 - Bandon
February 2014 - Billabong


6 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Manager: Henry Prinsloo
Address: 1475 Daysdale/Walbundrie Road, Rand NSW 2646
Phone: (02) 6035 1743
Mobile: 0429 011 907

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Wheat Harvest 2014

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