Jemalong Station is located in the Central NSW region, near Forbes.  The aggregation was purchased by Lawson Grains in 2023, comprising of 13,498ha of irrigated and dryland cropping as well as grazing.  This was the first aggregation in the Lawson Grains portfolio to have livestock.

The average annual rainfall is 500mm and is evenly spread across the year.  This complements the southern regions winter-dominant rainfall and the northern region’s summer-dominant rainfall patterns to provide diversity and risk management across the NSW portfolio.  The addition of irrigation and livestock also contributes to the diversity of the portfolio.

Similar to other aggregations, Jemalong will move to cropping being the primary focus, and the introduction of controlled-traffic, and no-till on the cropping only area.

Jemalong has 5,500t of grain storage on the aggregation, as well as storage for livestock fodder and fertiliser.  It also has centre pivot, linear and flood irrigation developed as well as a 6 stand woolshed, undercover sheep and cattle yards

Property Info


Wheat, Barley, Canola, Cotton, Beef Cattle, Sheep

Total arable area

13,498 Hectares

Average rainfall



September 2023 - Jemalong Aggregation


8 permanent team members supported by a seasonal workforce.


Manager: Lee Maxwell
Address: 2624 Lachlan Valley Way, Jemalong NSW 2871
Mobile: 0408 441 355