Property Information


Wheat, barley, cotton, canola, sorghum and chickpeas

Total arable area

7,490 hectares

Distance from export terminal


Average rainfall



Kealandi – January 2012,
Livingston – August 2014


Farm manager, Operations Manager, 3 Full Time Farm Hands and casual staff


Manager: Lindsay George
Address: “Kealandi Aggregation”, Newell Highway, Moree NSW 2400
Phone: (02) 6754 8618
Fax: (02) 6754 8627
Mobile: 0448 814 468

Kealandi was the first acquisition in the Northern NSW region in January 2012 and later acquiring Livingston Farm in August 2014. The region has historically received sufficient rainfall throughout the year to enable the production of both winter and summer crops.

Kealandi is farmed in a sustainable rotation production system that includes wheat, barley, canola, cotton, sorghum and chickpeas.

Kealandi has a history of being an early adopter of minimum tillage practices and as such the previous owners have used sustainable farming practices such as minimising the cultivation of the soil, retaining crop residues, effectively controlling weeds and a long term sustainable crop rotation since the early 1990s.

Lawson aims to further enhance the sustainability of the cropping systems through the introduction of full controlled traffic zero tillage farming methods and precision agriculture. These systems will help to conserve moisture in the soil, build soil health and aid productivity.

Kealandi is led by our Farm Manager Lindsay, along with a team of permanent staff, and during peak periods including seeding and harvesting, they will be assisted by casual staff..

The video below shows harvest at Kealandi.

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