Property Information


Wheat, barley, chickpeas and canola

Total arable area

10,549 hectares

Distance from export terminal


Average rainfall



February 2014


Farm Manager, Assistant Farm Manager, Senior Farm Hand and two Farm Hands.


Manager: Nils Jacobson

Address; 770 Mc Phie’s Rd, Forbes, NSW 2871

Mobile: 0455 039 009



The Uah aggregation is the first property purchased in the Central NSW region and is located near Forbes. The average annual rainfall is 500mm and has an even spread across the year. This complements the southern regions winter dominant rainfall and the northern region summer dominate rainfall patterns.

Historically, the Uah aggregation has been operated as a mixed farm but has been converted to a cropping only enterprise by Lawson. The Uah aggregation is farmed in a sustainable rotation that includes production of wheat, barley, chickpeas and canola.

Controlled traffic farming and variable rate technology has been implemented on Uah to improve the soil fertility and increase long term water use efficiency. This combined with the sustainable cropping rotation, optimises crop production and soil structure.

The Uah aggregation is led by our Farm Manager Nils, along with a team of permanent staff, and during peak periods including seeding and harvesting, they will be assisted by casual staff.

The video below shows canola harvest at Uah.

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