Property Information


Wheat, barley and canola

Total arable area

10,770 hectares

Distance from export terminal


Average rainfall



February 2014


Farm Manager, Assistant Farm Manager, two Full Time Farm Hands and casual staff


Manager: Aaron Falconer

Address: PO Box 267, Wongan Hills, WA 6603

Phone: (08) 9671 1134

Fax: (08) 9671 1580

Mobile: 0427 711 278



The Wongan aggregation is located near the township of Wongan Hills in the Northern Wheatbelt region North of Perth, WA. The local region is well suited to the production of grains and oilseeds and the aggregation’s annual average rainfall is approximately 400mm.

Historically, the aggregation has been operated as a cropping enterprise. The Wongan aggregation is farmed in a sustainable rotation that includes the production of wheat, barley and canola.

Lawson aims to optimise production and sustainability by utilising controlled traffic, zero tillage farming techniques. This allows the retention of stubble and along with the use of variable rate technology for the application of fertiliser and soil ameliorants will build soil health and optimise productivity through increasing the long-term water use efficiency of the crops.

The Wongan aggregation is led by our Farm Manager Aaron along with a team of permanent staff, and during peak periods including seeding and harvesting, they will be assisted by casual staff.

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