At our office in Albury, we currently have 12 permanent and part-time staff in roles ranging from the executive team, strategy and finance, human resources and WHS.

On each property aggregation, we have a Farm Manager who is empowered to run the property and to act as an owner-operator. Each farm also has an Assistant Manager who runs the day to day operations to allow the Farm Manager to oversee the property as a business and plan for the future.

Depending on the size of the operation we also have a number of Farm Hands and support staff who are also permanent employees.

Like most cropping businesses, we also employ a large seasonal workforce at key times. This workforce will grow by around 70 people at our busiest times of the year.

Albury Office

12 staff

Finance, HR, WHS

permanent & part time

On Property

Farm Manager

Assistant Manager

Farm Hands

permanent & part time

Seasonal Staff


employed at key times